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In 1995,the prototype of Lingke appeared.

In 1997,high-end ultrasonic Tech Linggao of Linke Ultrasonic was established.

In 2004,to meet Chinese market demands,Lingke began to develop medium and high-end models and put them into manufacturing for sale.

In 2009, we set up wholesale sector to expand sales channels,aimed to establish local famous ultrasonic welding industry brand.

In January 2013,we set up rerseas R&D center, which is committed to improving our software and hardware devices and gardually formed many business.

In January 2015. to meet global market demands, Lingke expanded the proucionscale and moved to a new place of 4300 square meters.

ln November 2016. Lingke obtained National High-tech EnterpriseTechnology Certification.

In 2018, Lingke passed the Cerification of Private Science and Technology

Enterprises and earned ofcial acreditation of ISO9001 Quality Management System.In 2019, to meet market demands, Lingke added 700 square meters newproduction area.

Since 1995, Lingke has been active in the field of China ultrasonic
industrial application. There are three main business scopes of Lingke: plasticwelding, non-woven fabric welding and packaging, which have got many patentsand change Lingke into an enterprise with international professional technology.We can provide customized ultrasonic welding service and equipment which arehigh cost-effective.Lingke is continually striving for better development in the future.

Our products;
Ultrasonic welding machines, Spin welding machines,Hot plate welding machines, Cleaning machines,Horn, fixture and so on...